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Thank you so much for wonderful flights , may 7 to May 21, for my daughter\'s wedding


Thanks Leanne,
I will send the confirmation of payment this afternoon when I make the payment.
I appreciate the speed of you arranging the reservation, very impressive.


What a great service Forex Travel provided to the Australian Team Southern Cross during our GK Bayani Challenge. Just the challenges of so many flight and accommodation changes to the team, the Forex Travel team of Ariel and Cathy did an excellent job getting us there and back. Airport transfers and our accommodation was great.

You can count on us to be one of your customers and will refer my other GK colleagues for their future tours to Forex Travel.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers....Al and Ian

Al and Ian

Thank you very much,
Now you can count on us to be one of your good customer
and i will refer all my family to book at Forex

Kind regards,


Thank you very much for your kind effort and wonderful work!!
We hope you  continue on with this  excellent service...
Have a goooooodd….weekend..
Cheers, Mam Celia

Mam Celia

The holiday in Cebu was wonderful!
I can not speak highly enough of the White Sands Resort.
The facilities were great, the staff excellent 
and it was a lovely quiet week after the hectic non stop pace of Manila.
Thank you for  booking everything.


Thank you for a very efficient and most friendly service.
It makes whole world of difference.
Congratulations to Forex for making you a part of their team


Thanks for catching up with us.
We had a wonderful time on Boracay - too short - but Fridays was really great!
The staff were extremely friendly and attentive and the accommodation was perfect.
Being right on the beach was terrific,
we could just walk from our room to the restaurant to the beach and back.
Everything was at our fingertips!.

The drive from Kalibo to Caticlan was very interesting -
just how we remembered the Philippines many years ago - rice paddies,
water buffaloes and thatched bamboo huts.
It really was very pleasant and the boat trip was fun.
Also the road is exceptionally good, much better than we had expected.

Manila has changed dramatically from when we were there 29 years ago!
The shopping malls are enormous!
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Mandarin Oriental.
Once again, the staffs were extremely friendly and efficient, and the food was top-notch.
We missed all the typhoons thank goodness,
and the only rain we experienced was on the day we left, so it didn\'t matter much

Philippine Airlines were very on time and efficient -
the only negative thing we could say was that their food was not very good.
Apart from that, everything went extremely well.

Thank you for your efforts in organising the trip - especially the Boracay visit.



Thank you very much for your very prompt assistance and
I do appreciate the extent of service you’ve rendered.

I honestly commend you for the quality of service you’ve provided me last week,
when I had to rebook my flight to an earlier schedule.

Thank you very much